a different kind of breakers experience.

Our newest location, conveniently located in the Manassas Mall is now open.

more than just all you can eat.

Breakers Manassas represents a shift in how Breakers presents Korean food.


Aside from our well-known all you can eat, we are bringing a healthy modern set of a la carte options to expand on the traditions of Korean food.


Meet the new owners.

Meet Martin and Marcie, and hear directly from them how we strive to make Breakers Manassas the best Korean service and taste experience you’ve ever had.


ALl you can eat quality.

We don’t cut corners, and use authentic marinades to ensure the best taste, every time. 

a new approach to a la carte.

Modern and healthy. That’s our new approach to a la carte offerings. 

Modern means bringing new flavor profiles to traditional Korean dishes.

Healthy means using more natural ingredients to bring bold flavors while being mindful of health.

multiple dining areas.

With grills that pull smoke down instead of blowing it up in the air, and up top pull fans, you will be as fresh when walking out as you were when walking in.

Service, first and always.

Whatever you decide to try, expect us to make sure that the entire experience is perfect, from start to finish. 

A peak into the menu.


Located in the Manassas Mall, we are easy to access in your community.

Note, we are closed on Mondays.